Child birth can be a stressful experience for a baby.  They have been in the womb surrounded by pure light & love energy - their true essence. They have been safe & protected, feeling comfort from the sound of their mother's heartbeat and her vibration.  The journey from the womb to the world can be stressful and disruptive as they leave the environment they felt safe in and enter ours. 


From the moment they arrive, they are exposed to touch, and every interaction has an impact on them, emotionally, mentally & physically.

Our baby items have been carefully & purposefully selected to help welcome baby into this beautiful world and have been Reiki infused with specific intentions, including love, protection and grounding to support the baby's arrival and keep them wrapped in the love & light they originate from, for as long as possible. 


Each Baby Welcome Box, includes a beautiful box insert with a message of love and blessing and is wrapped and sealed with love. 

Baby Products